Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Eight

Today was our last day of this Mantle of the Expert project. We spent the morning filming using our you-tube story board. We were then lucky to have a couple of senior digi kids come and work with us for an hour to turn our footage into a you-tube that we could watch. We were able to choose some background music and see how the digi kids put the scenes together using special scene joining techniques. It was really exciting watching it at the end of the day, seeing our story board come to life! While we could have spent several more days on this, editing it and trying out some different things (the wind was a bit of a problem and covers up the voices sometimes), it was the process that was important and we enjoyed getting a product at the end.

We ended the day with a celebration shared lunch and some reflection on learning through Mantle of the Expert. Being 'in role' and learning some new team building games, such as Ah Soh Gi, were highlights for this group. It is amazing how much this group has learnt over only 8 sessions, I was particularly impressed by how much tikanga Maori the children took on board so quickly given the meaningful context of our camp organisation. The images and moving statue that the children came up with was very impressive and showed a good understanding of ideas that were completely new to them only two weeks ago. Writing in role was also impressive with some fabulous language being adopted both spontaneously in role work and in brochure and diary writing. Listening to the children, and reading what they wrote, was at times very convincing - you would think you were really in a room of adults who worked as camp organisers!

We hope to get a copy of our you-tube uploaded here soon, so keep watching this space!

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