Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Seven


Today started with a team meeting and a new commission from management:

“I have been in a meeting with the camp management team and they would like a statue to go out the front of our camp, by our welcome sign, to represent what our camp is about. They particularly want us to show our new understandings of kaupapa Maori and how our camp can meet those needs. Something like this might help us win the job of hosting school camps for kura kaupapa schools as well as other mainstream schools…”

We had a go at creating drawn images last week to show our learning, this week we had a go at making a statue to show those same ideas. We decided to create a moving statue where one person at a time moved into a space to make a shape and speak aloud what they were representing. As each person joined the space they built on the statue, ending with a frozen statue/freeze frame. We decided to make a statue using the idea of a tree, which was an image we had come up with last week.

This is a photo of our finished statue and what each person said as they moved into the space.

Lucy: “I am whenua, we are connected to the land”

Charlotte: “I am tangata, the people – working together”

Zoe: “I am Ora – health and wellbeing. I have four sides”

Luca: “I am Tinana – healthy body”

Alexander and Pablo: “Our soccer game helps make friends and healthy body”

Daniel: “I am wairua – spirituality and connection to the land”

Noah: “This is really fun sliding down the sand dunes”

Macey: “I am hinengaro – happy and positive mind and feelings”

Evie: “Diary writing helps you reflect back on your day”.

Hugo: “I am whanau – belonging to groups, family and friends”

Helena and Alice: “music and singing with friends”

After we had created our moving statue we decided to make a promotional you-tube to advertise our camp. Using all our written material from the topic so far, including our brochure writing, drawn maps, slogans we had written, and photos of freeze frames, we set to work designing a story board that could be used to film a you tube.


Lucy: “Hi I’m Lucy and welcome to Lake Adventure Challenge. This camp is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits, and making new friends. Come and check out the activities and our awesome environment!”

Our Story Board

As part of our you tube story board some of us wrote interviews with some of the camp leaders, wrote scripts to use for an introduction, used the brochure writing to come up with a talk about the camp environment, and came up with scripts for children describing camp highlights. Here is some of the script writing we did for children talking about their experiences at Lake Adventure Challenge.

Alex and Pablo – playing soccer - Alex talking “Well, we really like Lake Adventure Challenge because its helped us make new friends and have a healthy body like in this soccer game….GOAL!”

Evie and Charlotte – mud sliding – Evie talking “Wow! I just went down the mud slide. It was so scary and fun but I am so glad I did it. This is the best camp I have ever been to. I had to step out of my comfort zone loads but I still really enjoyed it! I really want to do everything again, this has been such a great experience. I love Lake Adventure Challenge!”

Noah - playing drums with Macey and Daniel in band behind and others listening and singing along “we will we will rock you”. Noah talking - “This is my first day at Lake Adventure Challenge and I have learnt so much already about how music can bring people together to have a good time”.

Hugo: driving a boat on the lake. - “I never thought I would be driving my own boat. This is awesome!”

Charlotte and Evie – kayaking – Charlotte talking “Wow, I love kayaking. It’s scary but at least I’m pushing my comfort zone. It’s so good I love Lake Adventure Challenge, it’s the best camp and I have made heaps of friends.”

Zoe – team rowing with Helena, Lucy, Alice, and Pablo – Zoe talking “I’ve only been here for 5 days and I’ve already learned to work in a team like team rowing – you have to row at the same time as the others or it doesn’t work!”

Daniel – on flying fox – Daniel talking “I know this will be fun….wooooh. I like it. This is fun. This is cool, I’m going to do it again!”.

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